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How to Get Involved for Mental Health Awareness Month

Show some support this month by getting involved with Mental Health Month!

May is just one month in which we can dedicate ourselves to raising awareness about mental health. Believe it or not, but one in five experience a diagnosable condition every year. Of course, behavioral health disorders range in severity. For some, it may not be obvious to those around them, but the disorder can be devastating. Dedicated as Mental Health Awareness Month, May is the time to take care of your mental health, help those around you, and raise awareness for the campaign.
If you’re worried about a colleague, a friend, or someone in your family, talk to them about what may be troubling them. Encourage them to seek professional help if they are neglecting themselves and others.
You can promote the wellbeing of your community and organization, too!

  • Set up a wellbeing committee or add wellbeing to the responsibility of your committee.
  • Organize wellbeing events, such as seminars on relevant topics. Start these during Mental Health Awareness Month and carry them on throughout the year!
  • Encourage others to find a way to release their stress and tension naturally, such as taking up yoga or walking during lunchtime breaks.
  • Set up a bake sale to raise funds towards a mental health non-profit organization.
  • Volunteer your time a local mental health charity.
  • Take a screening of your mental health anonymously.
  • If you’ve suffered in the past, share your story with others.

Find out more ways to get involved this month by visiting Mental Health America.
From the team at McCarty Insurance, we hope that you get active in raising awareness this month! Visit us in Fresno, California to secure your insurance policies before then.

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