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How Important is Driving Experience for Insurance Rates?

Understand how your driving experience impacts your insurance premium.

There are many factors that insurers look at when determining your auto insurance rate. One important factor is your driving history. Presumably, the longer you’ve been driving, the lower your rates should be, right? We take a look into how driving experience directly impacts insurance rates.
Generally speaking, the more driving experience you have, the less likely you are to get in a collision. This is because you have first-hand knowledge of driving and a skillset to avoid disasters and accidents. If you have a long history of driving safely on city roads, then the insurance company is going to look at your more favorably than someone who has only two years of safe driving experience, all other things being equal.
Young drivers are new to the roads, which means that they have less driving experience than older drivers. As a result, young drivers often face high premiums because of their experience, tendency to speed, and show higher rates of impaired driving. Typically, younger people who are new to driving are some of the worst drivers on the roads and face high premiums.
However, just because young drivers have higher premiums, it doesn’t mean that older drivers always get cheap deals. If you have been driving for many years but also have a history of claims, you could face high premiums. Older drivers can pay more for car insurance due to risk factors unrelated to experience.
Remember to maintain safe driving habits to keep your premiums in check! When you’re looking for quality car insurance, trust the experts at McCarty Insurance. We have years of experience matching the right auto policy to the motorist, tailoring it to your needs, budget, and vehicle. Contact us today in Fresno, California to get started!

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