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Hosting a Holiday Party? Review Your Insurance!

Celebrate the season safely with the right insurance in hand.


Holidays are a time for celebrating, and you may have a party planned for your employees. Throwing a holiday party is a great way to thank your team for their hard work, celebrate the year’s achievements, and get into the season of goodwill. Yet, it’s important that you consider the risk that your business takes on by doing so.


Holiday Party at the Office

Even with a lot of planning beforehand, accidents can happen. Your staff may not be worrying about the liability aspects when they’re having a good time, but it’s something that you, as the business owner, should keep in mind before opening your door for the company party. Talk to your insurance agent about the party and discuss your insurance options.

  • Is your current business liability insurance coverage enough? You may need more in the form of excess liability coverage.
  • Consider securing a special event insurance policy that gives you an abundance of protection for one day.
  • Will you be serving alcohol on the premises? If you will be, make sure you have liquor liability coverage as a host.
  • Think about your commercial building coverage. You may not realize, but a holiday party can make it a riskier evening for fire or theft.


Holiday Party at Another Location

If you’re holding your company party offsite, the venue may require you to take out certain insurance. Since liability can fall on a number of different people, it’s worth calling your insurer and making sure you have plenty of protection in place.


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