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Protecting Your Home During a Cold Snap

Don’t be left out in the cold when it comes to quality homeowners insurance!

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Winter has come, and is still in full force in Fresno, CA, meaning chilly temperatures and frosty mornings. Cooler months, even in California, can bring unwanted freezes, drafts, and damages.
While California isn’t known for its snow and ice, the cooler temperatures can bring the possibility of rain, storms, ice, and more, making it imperative to protect your home to minimize the risk of damage!
Did you know that the risk of fires increases over the cold winter months? Home heating equipment is one of the leading causes of home fire deaths, injuries, and property damage. With this in mind, be sure to leave plenty of space around heat sources!
As extremely cold weather can be hard on both you and your home, put these tips into practice to bundle up your house and protect your assets.

  • Flush your water heater: particles and sediment can settle at the bottom of your heater interfering with its efficiency. Avoid this problem by flushing the water through the drain valve!
  • Put your ceiling fan in reverse: help warm air circulate through your home by turning your fans on in reverse.
  • Block drafts: unwanted air flows can waste 5 to 30 percent of your energy usage! Plug up air drafts with boards, towels, or draft guards.
  • Clean your gutters: rain gutters can acquire debris and leaves which can back up against the house and cause roof damage.
  • Turn off exterior faucets: drain the water from outdoor pipes as water that remains in pipes can freeze and cause the pipe to burst.
  • Call a chimney sweep: make sure your fireplace, chimney, and vents are in good condition before using them to prevent fires, and/or carbon monoxide leakage.
  • Add insulation: store more fiberglass insulation to your loft or attic to help reduce the loss of warm air.
  • Wrap pipes: Wrap exterior (and interior, depending on the subzero temperature!) pipe insulation to prevent the pipes from freezing, leaving you without water or gas.
  • Restock winter essentials: gather ice melt, salt, a snow shovel, and an emergency supply kit.
  • Review your homeowners insurance: prepare for the weather ahead by ensuring that you have optimum coverage for your home!

Don’t leave your home unprotected outside in the cold. Contact the local insurance experts at McCarty Insurance Agency in Fresno, California, to receive the quality homeowners insurance that you, your home, and your budget desire!

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