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Home Security Technology: Keeping Your Ahead of the Burglars

How to make your home safer with top tech.


Home security has always been the top priority for homeowners. Knowing how to stop burglars from targeting your home can go a long way to safeguard your home and property. To help you stay ahead of burglars, it’s a good idea to make the most of recent technology. Having the right tech can help protect your home and belongings, or catch the thief in the act if the worst does happen.


Some home security technology to consider is:

  • Smart cameras – Placement of cameras all over the house can be viewed from most smart devices now. Along with sensors, you can see what’s going on and around your property at all times on your smartphone.
  • Sensors – Typically, this includes a variety of types of motion detection technology. For example, many homeowners might consider systems that look for interruptions or changes in wireless signals.
  • Floodlights – Many alarm companies install these to work alongside doorbells, sensors, and alarms. It’s always a good idea to keep your property well-lit to either deter burglars or easily identify them if caught in the act. Motion-activated lights help to stop criminals in their tracks as they approach a property.
  • Keyless systems – Smart locks have made it possible for homeowners to allow people into their property using a temporary code, as well as lock the front door remotely. A hybrid system, which includes both a key and a code, is a great way to protect your property.
  • Home automation – There are many options now! You can make it look like you’re home by remotely turning on a light when you’re out of the state or even turn on the dishwasher while you’re on your way home. Any amount of feeling that someone is home should be enough to scare off intruders.


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