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Holiday Festivities: Fire Prevention Safety Tips

Holiday Festivities: Fire Prevention Safety TipsKeep your holidays merry and bright with these holiday home fire safety tips.

The holidays are in full swing and although you’re busy with festivities and gift-giving, make sure that you pay attention to these common – and very serious – fire hazards. Because everyone is off enjoying themselves and relaxing, the holidays are often when accidents will happen around the house. Don’t let your festivities be ruined with a fire that could have been prevented. Take a look at these tips to keep your home and family protected during this time of year.
Don’t leave candles lit and unattended. Candles will always be a fire hazard, no matter what time of year! Keep them away from kids and pets, and be sure to blow them out before leaving the room or going to bed. For the ultimate protection, opt for battery-operated candles instead that provide the same ambiance but without the worry.
Keep the tree hydrated. It’s important that you don’t let your fresh tree dry out as a dry one can easily catch fire. Many Christmas tree holders will allow you to pour water into the base, so be sure to do this daily. Additionally, keep the tree away from heat sources such as vents, fireplaces, and candles.
String up lights with care. When you’re decorating for the holidays, remember only to use lights that are in good condition and have intact wiring. Never use staples or nails to string lights up! Additionally, turn off the lights before you go to bed or leave the house.
Keep cooking safe. When cooking up a storm for the family, make sure you practice kitchen safety. Never walk away from a stovetop while you’re cooking, and keep flammable items away from ovens and hot stoves. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy in case the worst happens.
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