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Matches, Firelighters, Fireplace Safety Tips – Heating Your Home Safely

Before you stoke up the fire, read these safety tips.

While California isn’t known for plummeting temperatures and several feet of snow, the low 60 degrees can cause a chill for us sunshine bunnies. If you, like us, are turning to your fireplace to warm up the home and toast your marshmallows and toes, it’s important to know some safety tips beforehand.
Maintain your fireplace, chimney, and surrounding area.
Before the first fire of the season, hire a professional to have the chimney or wood stove inspected and cleaned. After this, make sure that you don’t have any flammable decorations or other debris around the hearth as an errand spark might ignite them.
Double-check you have the right safety equipment.
Smoke alarm? Check. Carbon monoxide detector? Check. Fire extinguisher? Hmm… These three items are essential to have in place (and working!) before stoking up the fire. Check the alarms’ batteries, and purchase a fire extinguisher if you don’t have one already.
Build a safe fire.
Finally, those Boy Scout skills can be put to good use! Build a fire with care, only using seasoned hardwood and commercial fire lighters. Never use alcohol or gasoline to start a fire, and never burn paper, plastic, or wet wood. While you’re lighting a fire, keep a window open so that the fire gets an adequate airflow.
Put it out before leaving or sleeping.
It’s always dangerous to leave a fire unattended, so only start one when you know you’ll be home (and awake!) for a long period. Whenever possible, let the fire die down on its own, and never leave the house or go to sleep while it’s still blazing.
Be prepared.
No matter how diligent you are about fireplace safety, you still want adequate protection for your home should something happen. To secure homeowners insurance that will protect your home in the event of an unruly fire, visit the team at McCarthy Insurance Agency. We are dedicated to securing your home and family with reliable protecting in Fresno and surrounding cities in California!

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