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Get Your Kid Back-to-School-Ready with These Essentials

Get Your Kid Back-to-School-ReadyWave your child off at the bus stop with their school essentials in tow!

The new school season has plenty of parents stocking up on pens and ring binders. Before you see your child off with a bag weighed down with school supplies that could last them until graduation, opt for equipping your child with only the essentials.
Put them on the write track with stationery. Pens, pencils, highlighters, notepads, and a calculator – your child will need them all! If your kid is taking a special math or science class, be sure to purchase the right equipment, such as graphing calculators or a pair of compasses.
Fill their glass half full. Give your child a reusable water bottle so that they aren’t dehydrated throughout the day. Whether they need water after their sports lesson or a sip in between classes, taking their own water with them means that they won’t have to wait in line for the water fountain or until lunch.
Pack it up with a lunchbox. Buy fun, reusable lunchboxes for your child so that they aren’t wasting plastic bags every day. As a result, you get to fill up their box with a wholesome and nutritious lunch for them to snack on for brain power!
Keep it comfy with good shoes. Your child will be walking to and from class as well as to and from the house (or the bus stop). If their shoes start to rub, they’re likely to suffer from blisters and soreness. To combat this, set them up with a good and supportive pair of shoes.
Lastly, a backpack to fill! Let your child choose their favorite rucksack so that they can wear it with pride around the school. Get a sturdy one with straps that are wide enough to disperse weight over the shoulders.
Getting your child back-to-school-ready is part of your duty as a parent. If your college kid is going back to school, find out what insurance they need! For all of your insurance needs in Fresno and surrounding cities of California, visit McCarty Insurance Agency today.

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