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Football CourtWith football season upon us, complete these five things to be ready for the NFL games!

On September 10th, the NFL season will kick off with the Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers game. With only days away, be sure to run these errands and get set for a great season of football that is ahead!

  1. Complete Fantasy League Drafts
    The football season is going to start before you know it, and it’s often best to do a fantasy draft close to the start of season! If you already have your draft done, be sure to set those lineups.
  2. Stock Up On Snacks
    Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays will be filled with watching football and eating standard football food! Take a trip to the supermarket to fill up on chips, dip, burgers, and beer!
  3. Set Playoff and Super Bowl Predictions
    Make your predictions early and stick with them throughout the season. You will find yourself rooting for teams that you wouldn’t normally have done in the past. Don’t pick the typical favorites, and be sure to stick with your choices throughout the season!
  4. Play Madden 16
    Madden is the best way to learn everyone on the team, and it does a good job of keeping up with injuries and roster additions!
  5. Spend Quality Time with The Family
    With evenings set aside for watching the game, be sure to get in family bonding time before the season and on those nights without the football! 

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