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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Welcome spring into your home by preparing your home for the seasons.

After the chilly and wet winter in California, the spring offers the perfect opportunity to give your home some much needed TLC. Blow away the cobwebs from winter and welcome in the new spring season by preparing your home for the seasons ahead.

Check your roof.

After the winter’s bout of bad weather, it’s important to check your roof for signs of damage. Look for loose, missing, or damaged shingles and repair as necessary. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this can be delayed until we approach autumn. The summer heat can damage tiles, and if yours are already looking fragile, they’re likely to suffer.

Clean out gutters.

Over the winter, it’s likely that the gutters are full of leaves, debris, and tree limbs. Clear out the gutters before the April showers arrive! A clogged gutter quickly leads to further damage, expensive repairs, and potential floods.

Look for pests.

When moisture comes into contact with wood, it’s easy for wet or dry rot to form. A 20 percent moisture level is all that’s required for dry rot, while you’ll need a 28 percent moisture level for wet rot. A humid home is ideal for common woodworms or beetle larvae that breed within the wood. If there are infestations, call your local professional.

Repair damaged concrete.

Many of us have concrete slabs in our back gardens. It can be tricky to maintain them, especially after the winter has done its damage. Take the time now to repair broken and cracked slabs that could be a potential tripping hazard. For loose pieces, secure them down so that they don’t become flying debris.

Clean up.

Scrub the floors and walls, dust, clean behind appliances, vacuum, and wash the windows to freshen up your home for spring. Better yet, bring in your favorite colorful flowers to welcome the season into your home.
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