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fireCalifornia Fire Insurance for Homes at Risk
For California residents who live, own, or are looking to buy a property near brush or wild fire areas, they are likely to struggle to get home insurance.
Unfortunately, due to drought, wild fires, arson, and climate change, the fire season is year round, causing insurance companies to reconsider insuring high risk homes. Fires, once started, can spread uncontrollably, consuming everything in its path. Homes can be destroyed within seconds, which is why insurance companies are insuring fewer homes that have a high risk of fires. This can include being located near canyons, bushes and shrubs, trees, and acres of grass. Dried and dead vegetation can be a threat of a fire source, whereas manicured vegetation is not typically a concern unless it is touching the home or roof, or hanging over the roof.
Other variables are taken into consideration, such as:

  • Your immediate surrounding terrain
  • If your home is located in an area where the wind patterns can blow a fire towards your property
  • The distance to the nearest responding fire station
  • Ease of access to your property at the time of a fire
  • Distance to a fire hydrant or water supply
  • If the property’s roof is wooden

Fortunately, at McCarty Insurance Agency, we insure homes, condos, townhomes, landlords, renters, and rental units in high brush and wild fire areas. We work directly with you to ensure you receive the best property insurance policy for your home and budget.

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