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Stay safe on the roads this coming season.

Now is the time of pumpkin picking, hay riding, and jack-o-lantern carving! Fall is a wonderful time of year that brings along bright orange leaves and cooler temperatures. While autumn is the perfect time to bundle up and enjoy the changing of seasons, it also brings a new set of hazards to motorists.
Stay safe this season with these Fall driving tips.
Don’t brake on fallen leaves. Leaves can be as slippery as ice on the roads. Mixed with rain and cooler temperatures, fallen leaves on the roads can be hazardous. When driving in areas where leaves are abundant on the roads, take it slowly and leave enough space in front of the vehicle ahead.
Update your windscreen wipers. You may not have used them during the summer, but now is the time when you’ll need those windscreen wipers to be working their best. From rain to fog, your car will need to have a spotless window as well as the means to get rain out of sight.
Use your lights. The darker mornings and evenings mean that we have a significantly reduced visibility on our usual commute. Be sure to use your headlights when you need to!
Stay clear of deer. Autumn is the time when deer mate, and this means that they roam far and wide. On rural roads, take it slow and look ahead for Bambi and friends by the side of the road, looking to cross it.
Tune up your car. Your vehicle has served you well up until now – so give it a little TLC to keep it running through fall, winter, and beyond. While you’re at it, restock the emergency supply kit with essentials, should you break down in the depth of night during autumn!
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