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Easy Ways You Can Give Back During Giving Season

Give back to your local community this season by checking out these tips.

‘Tis the season for tree-trimming, hall-decking, and gift-giving. While December is often full of festivities, it’s important to remember to give back to those in need, especially in your local area. While giving back should be a priority year-round, the holidays offer plenty of opportunities to get involved, from helping the homeless to supporting our troops to advocating for animals.
Even though giving back to the community should be a priority year-round, there are certainly more opportunities to get active during the winter months. Here are a few ways to get started.
 Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Cold weather can be dangerous, and that’s when homeless shelters find themselves faced with inadequate space. Soup kitchens rely heavily on volunteers, especially during winter. Whether you can donate food or volunteer a couple of hours a week, you can make a significant impact on those people.
Buy presents to donate to toys for tots. Not every child will receive a present this year. Get your children involved and let them pick up a couple of toys to send off to kids in need. There’s nothing quite like giving toys to children during the holidays!
Send holiday cards to a soldier. Our soldiers do so much to keep us safe, which typically means extended stays away from their loved ones. Write them a letter thanking them for their sacrifice and let them know that their service is appreciated.
Collect food for your local food bank. Food banks often have greater demand than product and the holidays is an especially busy time for them. Pick up a couple of staple items, such as pasta, beans, legumes, and nuts to donate to your food bank. Consider hosting or arranging a food drive at your place of work or neighborhood to help replenish their shelves in time for the holidays.
Donate to an animal sanctuary. Animal rescues can always take second-hand items, from pet toys to leashes to blankets. Better yet, volunteer a day or two at your local shelter. They often need help walking the dogs and socializing the cats. It’s a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in, too!
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