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a businessman writing on paperProtect your bottom line from business interruptions.

There are many troubling scenarios that can cause business interruptions from natural disasters to fires to cyber attacks. It can take time and money to repair a building, find a new location, and restock inventory. When a business can’t operate, revenue flatlines and business owners can struggle to pay bills on time. Sometimes, this cash-flow imbalance can even force a business to close its doors for good. To prevent your business from suffering unnecessary interruptions, take a look at these essential tips.
Determine the risk
When determining the potential risk factors for business interruptions, consider both environmental risks and human risks. Additionally, consider whether these are preventable or not. In some cases, like natural disasters, you cannot prevent one from occurring, but you can minimize the damage it does to your business.
Mitigate the risks
Once you identify key risks your business faces, you can understand how to reduce harm coming to your company. A few ideas to protect your business include:

  • Installing a sprinkler system to minimize fire damage
  • Maintaining machinery to prevent unexpected downtime
  • Installing security cameras and alarms to deter burglars and vandals
  • Build a redundant supply chain so the business isn’t dependent on any single vendor

Insure against business interruption
Despite your best efforts, certain challenges can threaten your business’s ability to operate. One way to prepare for this is by purchasing a business interruption insurance policy designed to reimburse the company for income lost due to a prolonged closure. Without this coverage, companies could find themselves unable to operate for weeks or months and may have to close their doors for good.
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