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Driving in Summer Heat: Tips to Keep Cool

car on summer roadKeep your car cooler during summer.

Summer is here and bright days are ahead. While this season is ideal for road trips and family vacations, the heat of the summer can make this otherwise beautiful time downright unpleasant. For drivers who don’t enjoy intense heat, getting into a hot car is uncomfortable. Stay cool and get more out of your summer by using these tips to keep your car journeys cooler.
Use a sunshade or window visor
This tried-and-true method of keeping your car cool should be your go-to option to counteract hot interior temperatures throughout summer. Put a sunshade or window visor every time you exit your car for more than a few minutes.
Cover your steering wheel with a hand towel
Even if you use a sunshade, it’s wise to put a towel over your steering wheel to help keep the temperature down. You don’t want to burn your hands when turning the wheel!
Park in the shade
This is obvious if you want to keep your car cool, but even minor tree shade can help to keep the sun off your vehicle. If you have to park in the sun, aim to park with your vehicle facing away from the sun.
Keep the windows slightly cracked
It’s not a good idea to leave your windows all the way open, but leaving them slightly cracked can help to improve ventilation to keep your car cool.
Dress for the occasion
Ditch heavy denim, avoid corduroy, and wear lightweight clothes that you can move freely in. Be smart with shoes, too. Shoes with thin, flexible soles are ideal, such as canvas shoes or running sneakers. Avoid wearing flip flops to drive in as they can get caught between the pedals.
Be mindful of passengers
Backseats in vehicles tend to be hotter than those up front. Ensure that your passengers are getting plenty of cool air by opening windows or directly the A/C vents towards the back of the car. Most importantly, never ever leave pets or children in a car alone. Even if you’re leaving for a matter of minutes, take your pets and children with you. A few minutes in a parked car on a warm day is all it takes for the worst to happen.
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