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Does Your Home Need Earthquake Insurance?

Stay on steady ground with earthquake insurance coverage.

Natural disasters have wiped the face of America and continue to do so yearly and without warning. Disasters such as tornados, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes have devastated small towns and portions of big cities.
We all see them on TV and hear about them on the radio, but when natural disasters threaten our local area, it brings it home how dangerous and threatening Mother Nature can be. California is well known to face earthquakes and they can often be unpredictable.
Along with earthquake preparedness (stocking an earthquake kit, practicing drills, and deciding on an emergency family meeting place), you can protect your property with insurance. Below is exactly why you need to secure this valuable coverage.
Yourhomeownersinsurance won’t cover you.
Most homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover damage from an earthquake. Like flood insurance, earthquake insurance must be purchased separately in California. Without insurance, you must pay out of pocket to replace damaged possessions and repair your home. In some cases, you will be forced to rebuild your home.
Coverage protects your home and wallet.
Earthquake insurance is designed to repair or rebuild your home if it’s damaged in an earthquake. It covers some of the home’s contents, and it may cover additional living expenses if you need to stay somewhere else while your home is being repaired. It’s important to note that all policies have exclusions. Earthquake coverage won’t cover damage to vehicles, the land around a home, or anything already covered by a homeowners insurance policy.
Earthquake insurance is affordable.
Homeowners shouldn’t be left in the dark when it comes to securing reliable coverage. New options for coverage are available through the California Earthquake Authority and currently provide around 75 percent of the earthquake policies that are sold in the state.
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