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Does My Home Insurance Cover Internal Damage?

Can your home insurance help when your home’s interior is damaged?


When most homeowners think about their insurance, it’s likely that they think of hugely damaging events like fires, storms, and natural disasters. Few rarely think about the interior damage that can happen over time, such as water leaks and mold. Do you even know if these events are covered by your homeowners insurance policy? Read on to find out more.


Water Damage

Whether or not a standard home insurance policy will cover internal damage will depend on how the damage occurred. If it is sudden water damage from a burst pipe, wind-driven rain, or malicious criminal activities, it is likely that your policy will cover it. However, your coverage may not step in to help when there’s water damage resulting from gradual leaks, sewage backup, or flooding.


Mold Damage

Similarly, mold damage may or may not be covered, depending on what caused it. Mold that results from some types of water damage should be covered under your homeowners insurance. Removal of mold from your home is not covered if the mold resulted from flooding, ground seepage, or pipes that were poorly maintained. If a mold infestation was caused by a lack of maintenance or neglect, your home insurance will not often cover the damage.


Pet Damage

Typically, homeowners insurance will not cover any damage that your pet causes to your home or belongings. Standard coverage often excludes damage caused by a pet or domestic animal. However, liability coverage may provide protection in case your animal damages someone else’s property or injures someone.


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