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Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses During the Pandemic

Security advice for businesses.


It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, including our businesses and the way we work. To support businesses manage their security during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve rounded up some of the top tips on how to protect your commercial property. If you or your entire team are still working from home, it’s important that you implement these tips so that your property stays safe.


  • Property maintenance. You should check your premises regularly – at least once a week – to see if there are any obvious signs of attempted break-in or damage. Remove trash and graffiti as soon as possible and make sure that landscaping is cut back to prevent thieves from hiding.
  • A monitored alarm. A monitored intruder alarm system is a great deterrent to burglary as it increases the likelihood of being caught. Make sure it is regularly maintained, in good working order, and is remotely monitored by professionals.
  • Remove attractions. Remove all cash from the premises and keep valuables out of sight from the windows. Keep all registers and drawers empty and open to show that there is nothing in them. Consider posting a sign that says you store no cash or valuables onsite.
  • Check doors and windows. Doors and easily accessible windows should be in good working order, free from rot or damage. They should all have working locks, too. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed and locked at all times.
  • Light it up. Consider keeping a light on inside to make it look like workers are in the building to deter criminals. Make sure that doors and windows have motion-activated lights so that they light up and stop thieves in their tracks.

If the worst does happen to your business, make sure you have the right commercial property insurance to fall back on. Get started on your tailored commercial insurance coverage by contacting the expert insurance agency in Fresno, McCarty Insurance. We provide reliable business insurance to suit all of your company’s needs so that you can have peace of mind your investment is protected. Throughout COVID-19, we are open for business.

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