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Workers Compensation Insurance


Does Your Small Business Really Need Workers’ Comp Insurance?

If you own a business and have employees, it’s in your best interest to buy a Workers’ Compensation policy. This protects your company if an employee is ever injured while on the job or simply on the property. A good Workers’ Comp policy will also prevent you from being named in a lawsuit later. What Is Workers’ Comp Insurance? Workers’

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8 Practical Tips for Effectively Managing Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

You can lower your work-related injury expenses by properly managing your workers’ comp claims. While you need to avoid being held liable for fraudulent claims, which can lead to higher premiums, rejecting workers’ comp claims without a solid basis can lead to costly and unnecessary litigation expenses. With that in mind, here are tips on how to ensure your workers’

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Understanding the Basics of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Getting injured while you are on the job offers you an array of benefits you may not be aware of. Workers’ compensation is designed to cover specific expenses related to injuries that occur in the workplace. The benefits associated with workers’ comp are meant to help you get through any financial difficulties you may face due to being out of

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