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Happy Earth Day! Five Ways to Help Save the Planet

Make a positive impact on the environment to celebrate Earth Day. On this day annually, April 22nd, cities, organizations, and individuals roll out the green carpet for planet Earth. Earth Day presents the ideal time to show some love and respect for the environment, as humans often don’t. We have diminished fuel resources, polluted oceans and air, wiped hundreds of

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Easy Irish Soda Bread Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrating!

Whip up this traditional Irish soda bread to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day! With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner (Friday, March 17th), many of us are digging out our green t-shirts and readying our redhead wigs. Whether you’re hitting the pubs to sip on a pint of Guinness or staying in and enjoying green bagels, be sure to

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Home Issues That Turn Into Major Money Pits

Resolve these home issues now before they cost you a fortune. Welcome to your new home! While you may think that the hardest part is over (the stack of financial documents), don’t think that your responsibility as a homeowner ends there. You probably have a checklist of home maintenance tasks to complete each season, from cleaning the gutters to caulking

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Switch It Up: How to Change Your Car Insurance

Motorists, find out how to switch your auto insurance. If you’re eager to find yourself a better car insurance deal or move to a different auto insurer, you don’t have to wait until your policy ends before switching. Whether you’re moving, or looking for more tailored coverage, changing your policy doesn’t have to be a headache. Find out how to easily

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Get Your Kid Back-to-School-Ready with These Essentials

Wave your child off at the bus stop with their school essentials in tow! The new school season has plenty of parents stocking up on pens and ring binders. Before you see your child off with a bag weighed down with school supplies that could last them until graduation, opt for equipping your child with only the essentials. Put them

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