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Tips to Make Your Teen a Safer Driver

If your teenager is learning to drive, you may feel both overwhelmed and nervous. Putting a teenager behind the wheel can be nerve-racking for parents – and justifiably so. Teenagers are three times as likely to crash as those aged 20 and over. Being a new driver comes with new experiences, and the inexperience on the roads can cause accidents

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Mindfulness Activities to Reduce Stress

We all deal with stress on a daily basis. As the pace of life begins to accelerate again, it’s all too easy to feel stressed and let it impact our physical and emotional wellbeing. When we get stressed and overwhelmed, we often want to escape our thoughts and distract ourselves from the situation. But did you know that a little

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Improve Your Immunity with These Tips

In the age of COVID-19, building a strong immune system has never been so important. No one wants to get ill, but there is a lot you can do to support your immune system to keep you healthy.   Your immune system is made up of lots of individual parts, which all work together to keep you healthy and free

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Scientifically Proven Ways to Feel Less Stressed

Relieve stress and anxiety with these tricks. We all feel a little stressed from time to time – it’s perfectly natural. However, stress may be costing you in more ways than you realize. The physical and emotional toll stress can cause is significant, and many people don’t take the time to effectively alleviate stress and tension. Unresolved, stress can build

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Tricks to Drink More Water Every Day

Hacks to make drinking water a snap. It’s a fact: drinking water is essential to our being. It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Not only do we need to drink water to replenish the water we lose throughout the day, but drinking H2O can aid in weight loss, manage diabetes, and keeps your teeth, skin, and gums

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