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Insurance Tips


Don’t Be Scammed: Beware of Life Insurance Fraud and Ghost Agents

Fake insurance coverage is one of the different types of life insurance fraud you should watch out for as a potential policyholder. There are fraudsters out there that pose as legitimate insurers or insurance agents. Usually, they defraud people by taking money for premiums on non-existent health plans. These scammers may sell policies at rates that are considerably lower than

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How Can You Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium?

An auto insurance policy consists of several different components, which might make it difficult to understand. However, once you know how an insurance company generally bases prices on risks, it will become easier to monitor and control your premiums. Here are a few ways in which you can cut costs on car insurance. Reduce Your Driving Time One way to

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3 Ways Business Insurance Can Save Your Company

Running a successful business always comes with inherent risks. A client could file a lawsuit, a natural disaster could destroy your property, or someone could get injured on site. For this reason, it’s essential that every business has a reliable insurance policy in place to protect itself as well as its assets. Securing coverage saves your company in a whole

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Tips to Make Your Teen a Safer Driver

If your teenager is learning to drive, you may feel both overwhelmed and nervous. Putting a teenager behind the wheel can be nerve-racking for parents – and justifiably so. Teenagers are three times as likely to crash as those aged 20 and over. Being a new driver comes with new experiences, and the inexperience on the roads can cause accidents

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The Insurance You Need When Working From Home

Thanks to COVID-19, many more of us are working from home. While there are many benefits of working from home, such as protecting the vulnerable as well as saving on commuting costs, there are some additional risks associated with it. If you find yourself working from home or operating a home-based business, you should consider your insurance and ensure you

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