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Simple Tips to Prevent Water Damage at Your Business

Be it a minor leak or pipe burst caused by freezing, water damage can cause significant financial losses to your business. Water damage not only spoils your carpets and drywalls, but also damages your inventory and equipment and encourages mold growth. It may even cause temporary business closures, affecting your operations and income. Therefore, it is crucial to take measures

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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health Through COVID-19 and Beyond

No matter where you are right now, you’ve most probably been impacted by COVID 19 in one way or the other. Some of the social-economic impacts of the pandemic have left millions coping with a lot of psychological turmoil. If you too are experiencing the effects of the chaos, you can look after your mental health through the pandemic and

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Should I Get Separate Flood/Earthquake Insurance Coverage?

Understanding your homeowners insurance coverage.   A number of disasters are covered by your homeowners insurance, however, every policy has its limits. Most standard homeowners insurance policies exclude flood and earthquake damage because they are considered mass-destruction events. If you live in a flood zone or an area prone to earthquakes, you will need to purchase separate flood insurance or

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