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Auto Insurance Coverage for My Car Damaged in a Hit-and-Run

A hit-and-run occurs when after a collision the at-fault driver flees the scene without stopping to check for injuries or damage they may have caused or sharing personal information such as their contact number and insurance details with the other motorists. Hit-and-runs happen frequently, so you should know whether your car insurance will provide the necessary coverage if you are

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance Renewal

An auto insurance policy provides your vehicle protection with a set amount of coverage for a predetermined amount of time. Most car insurance policies are six months or a year-long, after which you may need to buy a new one. You can also choose to renew your existing policy before it expires, which has its own advantages. Read on to

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7 Hidden Ways to Save More Money on Car Insurance

Car insurance rates are often considered complex because even one variable could affect them significantly. Maybe you were involved in a minor accident. Perhaps you’re moving or starting a family. These are all potential situations that could alter your current car insurance premium. If you’re concerned about the rising cost of your car insurance, consider the following car insurance saving

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15 Effective Tips to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

Auto insurance companies consider various factors in determining premium rates for each driver. While you can’t control key factors such as your age, you can do something about things like your driving history or available discounts. Keep reading for more practical tips on reducing your car insurance costs. Look for multi-car discounts: If you own several cars, having them covered

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Information Required to Get an Instant Car Insurance Quote

When looking for an auto policy, you’ll request a car insurance quote at some point. A good agent will provide multiple quotes to let you compare and pick the carrier with the most cost-effective coverage options. However, you’ll need to provide specific information to get an accurate estimate for the coverage you’re after. Here are typical examples: Your Personal Details

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