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Avoid Insurance Claims with These Spring Cleaning Tasks

Spring cleaning tips that can help to prevent insurance claims.

Some people look forward to it, while others dread it. One of the best things about spring (apart from the sunshine and flowers) is cleaning! There is no shortage of tasks that you can take on inside and outside your home each year as you prepare for the warmer seasons. Routine home maintenance can help keep your home in good nick and prevent costly insurance claims in the future.
Replace detector batteries – Though they do last a while, you don’t want your fire or monoxide detectors to fail when they are needed. Check the batteries in these alarms and refresh if necessary.
Clean the dryer lint hose – You may be used to removing lint from the lint trap after every dryer cycle, but have you checked the dryer lint hose? Lint can make its way through the trap and clog up the hose, posing a large fire risk. Pull the hose off the back of the dryer and use a vacuum cleaner to get the lint.
Renew HVAC filters – Make sure to replace your filters regularly. Dirty and clogged filters can be a fire hazard as well as making your systems run inefficiently. New filters help your HVAC run smoother.
Clean gutters and downspouts – Debris and dirt from winter can clog the gutters and downspouts, causing water to seep into the home through the walls. While the weather is warm, clean out the gutters and downspouts to keep water running away from your property smoothly.
Fix any tripping hazards – Walk around your property and look out for tripping hazards such as cracked sidewalks, broken bricks, and dead branches. Tidy up the branches, trim dead trees, and fix any cracks and broken pathways.
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