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What Kind Of Car Should I Buy My New Teen Driver?

What Kind Of Car Should I Buy My New Teen Driver?

Purchasing The Right Ride For Your Teen

The time has finally come to watch your pride and joy back out of the driveway. As you prepare to start teaching your new teen driver the ways of the roads, it is important that you relay safe driving habits for them to take with them with their new found freedom. It is also important that you equip your teen with a car that will enhance their safety. Did you know that the car you buy for your teen will also have an impact on your auto insurance rates? We have gathered a list of important factors to consider when shopping for a car for your new teen driver.

Car Shopping For New Teen Drivers:

  • Since speed is one of the leading causes of severe car accidents, be sure to check out the speed of the car. You will want to pick a ride with a four-cylinder engine and average horsepower, not turbochargers with 500 horsepower. The car will not only cost less to both purchase and insure, but this important factor can save lives.
  • Do not make the mistake of assuming bigger equals safer. In fact, when it comes to teen drivers, pick-up trucks and SUVs are notoriously more dangerous for young and inexperienced drivers. This is because these larger, taller vehicles are more inclined to rollover in an accident in comparison to traditional vehicles.
  • Many car shoppers assume that pre-owned vehicles are less expensive to insure and a better fit for their new teen drivers. Since many of these older models do not have the newest safety features, this is often not the case. By focusing on purchasing a newer car with important safety features added, you can enhance your teen’s safety while also saving on auto insurance costs.

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