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Auto Insurance for Hitting an Animal

Accidents can occur in countless ways, and one common incident many drivers encounter is hitting an animal. Collisions with animals pose a significant risk to both the driver and the animal and can result in substantial damage to the vehicle. Understanding how auto insurance covers such incidents is crucial to ensure you are adequately protected and can confidently navigate such situations.

Let us discuss auto insurance for hitting an animal, clarifying what you should expect and how to handle these situations efficiently.

What Kind of Auto Insurance Covers Accidents Involving Animals?

Hitting a wild animal can damage your car, causing hefty repair bills and, sometimes, medical bills for yourself or others in your vehicle. However, if you have comprehensive auto insurance, you will get these repair costs and medical bills covered.

Suppose you hit a domestic animal, such as a dog or a horse, that wanders on the road. In that case, your insurance company may ask the animal’s owner for compensation under their homeowners insurance. The animal owner must pay for your loss even if they are unintentionally negligent in their animal wandering.

Though you collide with an animal, your collision coverage will not kick in to pay for your loss or damage. Comprehensive coverage will come into effect to pay for damages that are not your fault.

How to Sign Up for Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage?

To get started, begin by researching reputable insurance providers and comparing their policy options. Read reviews, seek recommendations, and assess the level of coverage each provider offers. Once you have identified a suitable insurer, reach out to their customer service or visit their website to learn more about the sign-up process and policy details. Some companies offer online sign-up options, making enrolling at your own pace and from the comfort of your home convenient.

Comprehensive coverage is an additional endorsement that most states do not require car owners to carry. However, if you bought your car on loan and you are still paying the loan, you must have comprehensive coverage, as most lenders require it for their financed vehicles.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Vet Bills for the Injured Animal After the Accident?

No, vet bills are not covered by auto insurance. The pet owners are liable for keeping their pets in a safe zone. If they fail, they will be held responsible for vet bills and any associated injuries and damage caused to your car after an accident. If you are at fault for hitting a domestic animal, your auto insurance’s liability coverage will pay vet bills.

You can limit your liability by following these steps after an accident:

  • Don’t move the injured pet.
  • Call the police to inform them about the accident.
  • Contact the pet owner as soon as you get their details.
  • Contact your insurer if you plan to file a claim and check if you can cover vet bills.

Let Us Help You Stay Covered After Hitting an Animal 

At McCarty Insurance Agency, we provide a comprehensive auto insurance policy that covers all aspects of your vehicle’s protection, including collisions with animals. Contact us today to stay protected against unexpected encounters with animals. You can also call us at (559) 324 – 1421 directly to get in touch with our experts.


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