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Ask These Questions to Your Commercial Insurance Agent

Three questions business owners need to ask their insurance agent.


All it takes is one false move, one small error in judgment, or one storm to put your business on the line. Are you exposing your company to risk by having the wrong type of coverage? Working with an independent insurance agent is a great way to ensure your needs are met and that you have the correct coverage in place. To help you better understand your coverage options, be sure to ask these questions.


What coverage do I need?

This answer will depend on your business industry, size, location, and risks, among other factors. However, every business should consider securing:

  • Business property – protects your property and everything inside
  • Business liability-protects your business from the cost of covered liability claims and lawsuits
  • Commercial umbrella – provides an extra layer of liability that arches over existing coverages
  • Workers’ compensation – helps to pay certain benefits to employees who experience injury, illness or death during their employment with you.


What other types of coverage should I consider?

If your business has a company vehicle, you will need to have commercial auto insurance. If you sell products, you should secure product liability insurance to protect you from damages, injuries, or lawsuits related to your products. If you use rented equipment, it needs to be insured. Talk to your agent about what other policies your business could benefit from.


Are there any discounts available?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! As a small business owner, your budget might be tight. Discuss with your agent if there are any discounts you would be able to qualify for. If there aren’t any, you can discuss possible discounts that could qualify for in the future.


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