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7 Ways to Lower Your Car Maintenance Costs in Winter

Prepare your vehicle for winter without breaking the bank.  

Winter is almost here. The cooler temperatures, harsh road conditions, and shorter days can take a toll on your vehicle. While running a car at any time of the year can be costly, it can be significantly more expensive in winter. A car that has been properly maintained has a lower probability of being involved in an accident or suffering a breakdown.

To help save money and prep your vehicle, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Replace the coolant. The preferred mixture of coolant and water inside a car’s radiator is 50/50. However, during winter, use mixtures between coolant and water 60/40 or even 70/30.
  • Replace the windshield fluid. Ideally, use a washer fluid that doesn’t freeze during the winter months. Visibility is incredibly important as the days get shorter, and fluid helps to clear the screen of dust and grime.
  • Consider replacing the wiper blades if they are overused.
  • Check the battery – replace it every five years.
  • Look at the tires. If they are wearing thin and the sidewalls are cracking, it is time to replace them. Winter road conditions need tires that can grip well.
  • Keep the gas tank at least half full, which helps to reduce the moisture in the fuel system.
  • Have a safety kit prepared. Stock up the vehicle with a flashlight, batteries, water, blankets, shovel, first aid kit, an ice scraper, and more.

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