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The world cup of soccer is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. With almost every county in the world being represented in the sport, everyone is able to root for their favorite country. Although the United States team is no longer in the running to win the cup, keep these 6 fun world cup facts about Team USA in mind to impress your friends when you are watching the next match.

  1. John Anthony Brooks may be psychic. Two days before the match against Ghana, Brooks dreamt that he would score the winning goal against Ghana, more specifically a header from the corner. He told his teammates that he would score the winning point in the 80th minute, which was almost true, since he scored the winning point in the 86th minute.
  2. Team USA broke an 8 year dry spell. Ghana had eliminated USA in both the 2006 and 2010 world cups, which made the win even more special.
  3. Much thought goes into the colors of the jerseys. The FIFA competition department lay out the look for each game, but the final decision comes from the referees. They always aim for a white and a dark color to create a broader contrast that makes the teams easily recognizable on TV.
  4. DeMarcus Beasley is a legend. The 32 year old player is the only player on team USA who has played in four Would Cups, playing in a total of 115 games for USA.
  5. Almost half of the team plays domestic soccer. 10 out of the 23 men on the team play for MLS while they are in the states.
  6. Team USA has a horrible travel schedule. The team had to travel over 9,000 miles between 12 different stadiums to play in the matches.

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