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3 Things That Can Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates

When looking for auto insurance, you will soon realize the information you input into a quote form will determine your rate for coverage. Premiums are not just numbers that insurers pluck out of thin air. Instead, they are carefully comprised of the risk of insuring you and your vehicle. To help you better understand how premiums are made, take a look at just a few things that can impact your car insurance rates.


Your location

Where you live and where your car is parked is important to your insurer. Certain neighborhoods will have a higher crime rate than the next, where more claims are filed because of vandalism or theft. In these areas, premiums will be higher than those policies in neighborhoods where crime rates are low and there are fewer claims.


The vehicle

The insurer, of course, wants to know all about the vehicle they will be insuring. The make, model, age, condition, and safety features are important to the insurance agency as this will tell them more about its market value and how much it would cost to replace the vehicle. The safer your vehicle is, the more affordable your premiums since certain safety features can prevent accidents and minimize damage if an accident does occur.


Your marital status

Believe it or not, but the insurer will want to know whether you are married or not. Statistically, married people make fewer claims than their single counterparts. For this reason, married people often get to enjoy lower premiums.


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