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15 Effective Tips to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

Auto insurance companies consider various factors in determining premium rates for each driver. While you can’t control key factors such as your age, you can do something about things like your driving history or available discounts. Keep reading for more practical tips on reducing your car insurance costs.

  1. Look for multi-car discounts:

    If you own several cars, having them covered by the same insurer may reduce your overall insurance costs. These discounts aren’t automatic, though, and you have to inquire whether you qualify for them.

  2. Drive safe:

    If you have too many auto accidents or moving violations, your insurance rate will be high. Some insurers offer significant safe driving discounts.

  3. Take an approved defensive driving course:

    Completing this training makes you a better driver in the eyes of insurance adjusters.

  4. Compare auto insurance rates:

    You can save on your car insurance costs by comparing rates when renewing your policy or at least once every two years.

  5. Check your mileage:

    The more you drive, the more your exposure to covered risks. Where appropriate, take a cab or public transport to work. It can help reduce your premium rates.

  6. Drop that top-of-the-range SUV:

    By switching to a cheaper car, you may reduce the potential cost of replacing or repairing it if it gets stolen or damaged in an accident. Again, your insurer will consider this when determining your insurance rate.

  7. Increase your deductibles:

    Higher deductibles lower the compensation amount your insurer may potentially pay out after a covered event has occurred. This can lower your premium rates.

  8. Work on your credit score:

    In many states, a poor credit rating can increase your auto insurance costs. Conversely, improving your score can lower your rate.

  9. When relocating, consider local rates first:

    Car insurance rates vary from location to location. That’s why it’s important to look at any potential change in coverage costs when planning a move.

  10. If your car is too old, consider dropping its collision or comprehensive coverage:

    Sometimes, it makes more sense to pay out of pocket to repair or replace such a car than paying high premium rates to insure it against theft or damage.

  11. Install anti-theft systems:

    Installing car alarm systems, immobilizers, tracking systems, and other vehicle security features can help reduce your comprehensive coverage costs. Some companies offer up to 25% discounts for highly secure automobiles.

  12. Embrace telematics monitoring:

    This technology lets your insurer observe your driving habits and calculate risk and rates based on your specific data. If you usually drive safely and cover less mileage, you may qualify for a discount because your insurer can see that in real-time.

  13. Seek out additional discounts:

    Some insurers offer discounts to motorists who belong to certain affiliate organizations. Others may lower your rate if you pay the entire premium once or twice a year. Research widely and compare multiple offers to minimize your costs without compromising your accident or personal liability protection.

  14. Review your coverage:

    Assess your coverage at least once a year and determine whether you still need protections such as road assistance or car rental. Dropping unnecessary coverage may help reduce your auto insurance costs.

  15. Engage your agent:

    Your insurance agent has an in-depth understanding of the industry and how different auto insurance policies work. They can help you identify discount opportunities that aren’t too obvious to you, such as for military personnel or veterans.

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Out of these factors, there may be several you can look at to reduce your car insurance costs. The experts at McCarty Insurance Agency can assist you in reviewing your coverage and finding ways to lower your premium rates. Contact us today to get started!

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